Just a reminder to everyone that Blashford is hosting its second annual local craft fair event tomorrow from 10.30am-3.30pm.

The focus is very much on demonstrations of traditional and/or wildlife themed craft and art with a range of locally produced crafts available to buy and activities for children throughout the day.

Even if you are not interested in visiting the event itself (although why wouldn’t you be?!), visiting birders may wish to pop in to the centre to avail themselves of the refreshments that will be available, including tea, coffee and some rather delicious cakes!

Entry is free, but donations are welcome and of course you will need money for your purchases (and bear in mind that stall holders may not be able to accept card payments).

For obvious reasons parking may be limited at the centre itself and therefore we would encourage visitors to park in the main nature reserve car park, near Tern Hide.

2 thoughts on “CRAFT FAIR TOMORROW!

  1. Hi Can you please let me know how I can get events updates? I am already listed to receive the blogs but I seem to miss what going on at Blashford. I missed the adult events and the crafts! Many thanksAngela SpilsburyVerwood

    • Hi Angela,

      Glad you follow the blog and I hope you enjoy our posts. Currently there is no event reminder system in place but all of our events, activities and courses are available in a number of different places:
      – on the website in the events listings (either use the search option or open/download the PDF list from the left side of the events web page)
      – on the website on the Blashford Lakes reserve page, again open or download the PDF, but this time of the Blashford Lakes “What’s on?” Leaflet
      – on site at Blashford, either pick up a copy of the “What’s on?” leaflet from the Centre or Tern Hide, see the laminated copy mounted on various notice boards.
      – pick up the “What’s on?” from one of many local shops, libraries, community centres or local information centres that distribute it for us.

      And if I remember I’ll stick a PDF of the “What’s on?”on this blog too when we update it (due imminently)!

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