No Pictures!

Sorry, no pictures today, despite the good weather, we were just too busy sorting out the trees cut under the electricity lines recently. We have been dead-hedging the brash and collecting some of the larger wood for logs, which we will be selling to help the reserve’s coffers.

I did see a fair bit of notable wildlife though. On opening Tern hide there were 54 black-tailed godwit on the low ground to the left of the hide, the most I have seen in a while. During the day the first oystercatcher of the year was seen on Ibsley Water as was a shelduck, both possibly birds that may breed on the reserve later in the year. Other reports during the day included the black-necked grebe on Ibsley Water and several brambling at the Woodland hide.

At the end of the day as I went to lock up the Tern hide I was lucky enough to see one of the first winter Caspian gull, the adult ring-billed gull and a second winter Mediterranean gull, all in just a few minutes.

We were very kindly donated a trailcam, that is one of the cameras that you can put out by a path and which will take a picture of whatever animal passes. I had a go at setting it up today, but discovered that it had a password, which unfortunately did not come with the camera, so no pictures! Hopefully we will find out what the code is and be able to reveal the secrets of unseen Blashford in the coming weeks.


5 thoughts on “No Pictures!

  1. If you need help with the cam I can pop in this evening or the weekend, try not to change anything other than video and photo mode, other than that its pretty much setup.

  2. I forgot to tell you it had IR night vision so great for getting the night action as well!!! Now you have the new pin, we look forwards to seeing what you get with it.

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