Hedge on the edge

Fourteen of us turned out this morning with a plan to lay part of the hawthorn hedge at western edge of the reserve by the footpath between the A338 and Ellingham lake. As usual the volunteers made great progress and as usual I forgot to take a photo before we started but the pictures below give a good idea of what we achieved.


Volunteers hedge laying


Laid hedge 

The partially cut stems of the hawthorn will send out fresh shoots in the spring and form a thick dense, bushy and structurally diverse habitat. This hedge was planted about ten years ago and for reasons unclear the planter chose only hawthorn. Hopefully now a few other native trees species will be able to seed into it. Birds like thrushes and wood pigeons do a good line in dispersing the seeds of species like rowan, alder buckthorn, guelder rose, holly and blackthorn so hopefully we might see a few of these appear in the future. The downside is that cut hedge gives a view of the ever busy A338 but this will disappear in time.

I didn’t see much wildlife today except for two buzzards that passed over head and a kingfisher calling on Ellingham lake. So to save this post from lacking in wildlife photos here is a shoveler in the rain taken with my phone camera last Friday.


Drake shoveler in the rain


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