In Focus 0ptics sales day next Tuesday!

Got some Christmas spending money burning a hole in your pocket and a hankering to buy or upgrade binoculars or telescopes? You could do a lot worse than visit Tern Hide at Blashford Lakes  next Tuesday, 5th January, 10am-3.30pm, where Keith from In Focus will be providing his usual expertise and demonstrating and selling a large range of telescopes and binoculars.

We host an In Focus sales event in Tern Hide every month, usually on the first Tuesday, but as dates and times can change occasionally if you are planning a special trip  it is worth checking their website,  , to avoid disappointment.

Please note that I have been contacted by Keith to let me know that another wildlife charity mistakenly advertised in their members magazine that the event is taking place tomorrow (Sunday 3rd January) and this is not correct so please do not come expecting him to be here then!

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