Bird Photography is not Easy!

I had a few more attempts at getting some pictures of birds at Blashford today, surely I could do better than yesterday? At Ivy South hide as I opened up there were several gadwall close to the hide. The birds were close and the light was okay, what could stop me getting a reasonable shot? gadwall drake 3It turns out a well, or rather a badly, placed branch can still get in the way. Eventually I got one that was more or less alright, although it was almost too close.gadwall drake 2 Up close drake gadwall are not the boring grey they sometimes appear at a distance.

As I was about to head off a kingfisher flew into a tree just south of the hide. It was quite close, but once again there were problems with the woodwork!kingfisher 1In fact this was not the only problem, I dare not open the hide window so the picture had to be taken through the glass, never ideal. It did change perch and at least this time I could more or less focus through the twigs.kingfisher 2Overall better results than yesterday’s avocet, which had, unsurprisingly, gone today. I was only at Blashford in the morning and so do not have a lot to report on the bird front. I understand that 2 brambling were seen at the Woodland hide, along with a chiffchaff and lesser redpoll. When I opened the Tern hide I saw a shelduck and 5 pintail (4 of them drakes) and later there was a report of a green sandpiper there.

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