Today’s Sightings

Kind weather brought out the visitors today and some birds as well. The brambling was seen again at the Woodland hide along with a lesser redpoll  and the usual range of woodland birds. From Ivy North hide the bittern gave some good views and was watched catching a fish and the great white egret was seen on Rockford Lake and flying over Ivy Lake, where a green sandpiper was also seen.

There has been an increase in ducks since the colder weather arrived, with noticeably more pochard, goldeneye and goosander and I suspect also tufted duck. I saw 3 drake goldeneye today and I saw 7 redheads yesterday, so there should be at least 10 around now. At dusk I saw 48 goosander including 14 adult drakes, a good increase on last week’s 34.

The ring-billed gull was seen briefly in the early afternoon and at our “Coming in to roost” event we saw thousands of gulls including 10 or more yellow-legged gull, at least 20 common gull as well as the 5000 or perhaps many more, lesser black-backed gull. Unfortunately the hoped for starling murmuration did not materialise and we saw no more than a few hundred flying about. Just as we were about to leave 14 little egret flew north standing out brilliant white even in the gathering gloom.

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