Blashford Leaks…

Not a typo! Changes in weather, shifting buildings and building components have resulted in several leaks around the reserve in recent weeks…

Both Ivy North Hide and the Woodland Hide are taking on water in heavy rain, Ivy North especially so. No doubt the problem developed a while ago but with autumn and summer being so dry until the last couple of weeks we were none the wiser.

In both hides the problem seems to have been caused by wind blown branches landing on the roof and either making a depression in which water pools and then wicks through, or in the case of the Woodland Hide actually puncturing the roof. At Ivy North Hide the problem has been exacerbated by a slight shift in either the woodwork, or the building itself, which has raised the gutter downpipe above the gutter and thus impeded the flow of water from the gutter.

Both have had temporary work done to relieve some of the worst of the leakages, but more work will be done to make them good again shortly – in the meantime bear with us and avoid sitting under the drips!

Of more immediate concern was a slight, but persistent, leak from a stop tap in the rainwater/mains water switch over plumbing in the centre loft. We tried a couple of plumbers but never got a call back and I fear that the job, understandably I suppose, was just too small to be of interest to most plumbers. As it is I think I’ve sorted it, at least for the time-being, but if any readers of this blog are registered plumbers who would be willing to come out and do a small job of this ilk rather than passing it up in favour of more lucrative work, do please get in touch with us at and let us know so we can save your details in case of future needs! I guess the same would be true of registered electricians too!


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