Excellent November

November has been an excellent month for wildlife sightings over the previous 2 years and so far it has not been disappointing this year. A bittern has been reported both yesterday and today at Ivy North Hide, so hopefully it won’t be too long before we can post a photo on the blog. Yesterday the osprey performed really well, feeding on a large trout. I managed to see it from Goosander Hide at the same time as a peregrine dispatched a black-headed gull and ate it on the grass to the right of the hide.

Thanks goes to Lorne Bissell and Jon Mitchell for the following photos all taken from Goosander hide.


Digiscoped osprey – Lorne Bissell

Osprey 1

Osprey – Jon Mitchell

Osprey 2

Osprey – Jon Mitche


Otter – Jon Mitchell

Today 2 bramblings, several siskin and a lesser redpoll were reported at the woodland hide and a peregrine was seen at Tern hide.


One thought on “Excellent November

  1. My wife and I saw all of the above yesterday and today (except the otter) Thanks to all the hard working staff there, we had a great 2 days. Thankyou Graham and Val.

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