Bramblings and ring ouzel

A few brambling have been present at the woodland hide over the last few days, with I think up to five individuals present, although I have only seen three altogether at once. Thanks to Geoff Angel for sending me this picture of a male brambling.


Male brambling by Geoff Angel

Yesterday I went to move the ponies grazing around the shore of Ibsley Water, on the northern shore there was a lot of thrushes present including several blackbirds, song thrushes and redwing. When I back to the Lapwing hide a thrush flew over me giving an unusual call, I realised it was a ring ouzel as it flew over the hide and out of view. I quickly headed to the hide and thankfully it had landed on the grass to the right of the hide and I managed to get a few photos.


Ring ouzel

Ring ouzels breed in the uplands of Britain and head south to winter in the Mediterranean with most spending the winter feeding on juniper berries in the Atlas mountains of North Africa. This individual is only the fourth record for the reserve, although they are regular passage migrants in the New Forest.


Ring ouzel and male blackbird in back ground

The ouzel seems to have moved on during the night as it has not been seen again but the osprey was still present for part of today, for it’s 19th day in a row now.

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