6 days of osprey

The juvenile osprey was back again today, along with a first winter little gull. It spent the majority of it’s time on the perch in Ibsley Water but did head to the western shore to bathe.

Yesterday I managed to get a couple flight shots of it when were working on the western shore.




Osprey with legs dangling

This terrible shot of it on the perch is the best I could get from Tern hide. Unfortunately the perch is a bit too far from the hide for good photos, with the kit I have anyway. We chose this area mainly because there is a shallow spot in the lake where it was easy to fix the perch to the lake bed and also we went for this distance because ospreys have fantastic long distance eyesight and are not likely to come particularly close to a hide especially if the hide is full of people.


Osprey on the perch

What can’t be seen from the pictures is that the bird has a metal ring on it’s right leg, but at this distance there is no hope of reading the number. I think it does probably indicate that it is a British bird as the majority of the British population are ringed, however it is not impossible that it has come from Scandinavia or even further east. I wonder if it’ll be here tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “6 days of osprey

  1. Brilliant views today, 21st October, of the Osprey eating a fish on the perch … viewed from Goosander Hide. But sorry, no pics … too far for my tiny camera, too.

  2. Ed, great photos as far as I’m concerned – so thrilled that at long last I’ve seen an osprey in the Avon Valley and I’ve been looking for a long while! Many many thanks for putting that perch in – and for the shout – never has an office been left so quickly!! Chris the Volunteer

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