September counts

This morning Bob and I carried out a wildfowl and wader count of every lake in the Blashford complex, not just the lakes managed by the Trust. Thankfully we managed to avoid the worst of the rain and counted a reasonable number of birds. Hightlights were great white egret, black-necked grebe, dunlin, green sandpiper, 2 ringed plover, 3 snipe, 171 lapwing and 5 kingfishers. The most numerous species was coot with 728 individuals logged, a number that should rise over the next few months. We carry out these counts once a month between September and March, using the same viewing areas to count each lake. The Trust has been carrying out counts here for 20 years so we have quite big data set on birds using the lakes now, something that is invaluable in protecting the future of the lakes for wildlife.


Cormorants and great white egret roosting on Ivy Lake, can you tell which tree the cormorants regularly use?


This greylag goose was right in front of the hide


Lapwing appropriately in front of Lapwing hide


Cormorants as the rain sets in, Ibsely Water

Perhaps the most pleasing sighting was 3 common terns all sat together on our new osprey perch in Ibsley Water, always good to see something appreciating the effort that went into erecting it. The perch is getting a bit of list now with herring gull, lesser black-backed gull, black-headed gull, black tern, common tern and sand martin all been seen sitting on it, but no osprey yet! Not that we know of anyway, hopefully one will one day, but I’m very pleased with the sightings we’ve had of birds using it so far particularly the terns. I wonder which species will land on it next?


Distant shot of 3 common terns on the Ibsley Water ‘osprey perch’

2 thoughts on “September counts

  1. I took a picture of this bird belowon Saturday from the Tern Hide. Do you know what it is? Have also included a couple of other pics from Saturday. One quick question and I’m sure there is a good answer but why do most of the windows not open in the Ivy hide nearest the car park?

    Caroline Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 14:29:35 +0000 To:

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