Grass snake in the weeds

On Thursday a group of 12 of us started the task of weeding the long shingle spit in front of the Tern hide, as it had grown in with perennial weeds. As usual the volunteers did a great job, and we cleared roughly a third of the area.


Volunteers weeding


more weeding fun


The finished result, a brilliant loafing area for gulls, wildfowl and waders

The highlights of the morning were seeing two adult black terns on the new Ibsley Water perch, and a large grass snake we found amongst some vegetation we were clearing.

Grass snake, Ibsley Water

Grass snake, we found while weeding. (And some accidental product placement, other brands are available). Photo by Jerry Kelsey.


Steve playing with his snake

Judging by the fairly large size of this individual I think it’s probably a female. After a couple of quick photos we moved her out of harms way to other habitat near by.

Yesterday I went to check the ponies, first stop is always to look from Tern hide to see which part of the lake the ponies are grazing. On the approach to the hide a juvenile marsh harrier drifted over being mobbed by two buzzards. While I was looking from the hide a common sandpiper past close along the shoreline.


Marsh harrier over Ibsley Water, continuing my theme of distant bird of prey photos.


Common sandpiper in front of Tern hide

Other reports today have included two green sandpipers, great white egret, black tern and a hummingbird hawk-moth by the education centre dipping pond.

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