Summer tasks and autumn terns

Another busy week of fencing, ragwort control, pony checks and unfortunately office work left little time for blogging again. However it has not been without some interesting birds. Two goshawk sightings around Goosander Hide (Tuesday and Friday), a juvenile cuckoo, at least 4 different kingfishers in various places, common sandpiper, little ringed plover, dunlin, sanderling,a probable little stint (that disappeared), 2 black terns (yesterday) and a bigger groups of common terns have all been appreciated by the regular birders. Our breeding common terns left a few weeks ago, so the 67 on Ibsley Water today are all migrants moving south for winter, a black tern was still present today too.

Yesterday the Thursday volunteers weeded the shoreline in front of Tern hide as it had grown over with Canadian fleabane, docks, bramble and even small birch and sycamores. This helps maintain the open shingle habitat for breeding waders (lapwing, oystercatcher and little ringed plover) and gives the added bonus of clear views of any birds on the shoreline. As usual the group made quick progress and did a great job so thanks to everyone who helped. It was nice to see a wheatear on the shoreline while we had our lunch in the hide today.


Ibsley Water shore east of Tern hide


After weeding by the team


The view west of Tern hide


After weeding by the team

Interesting moths in the trap this week have included mocha and waved black.



waved black

Waved black

The hoverfly Sphaerophoria scripta, on the reliable summer necater source ragwort


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