The Admiral, the Mermaid and the Great White

Sea level rise might be a problem eventually but this particular tale of the high seas was an all lake affair! Over the last few days thewarm weather has kicked in again and finally the dragonflies are out in force and the number of butterflies has picked up markedly. There are new red admiral out and about, these could be either new migrants or offspring of earlier arrivals.

red admiral

red admiral

Other species are more certainly home grown, with summer brood individuals of peacock and comma also out and about now.



So having dealt with the “Admiral” and the “,” what about the mermaid? Yesterday I was working with the volunteers to clear the last of the ragwort from the eastern shore of Ibsley Water when we saw……………



I had always doubted the existence of mermaids, but the camera does not lie, although it can take pictures of large carp. In this case a very large, but dead one, it probably died as a result of the exertions  of spawning.

To wind up the marine theme, as I opened up the Ivy North  hide today the great white egret was standing outside by the reedbed, I say “the” because it was our regular colour-ringed bird, which has returned to us each year since it first came in August 2003. It generally arrives between mid July and early September and leaves between the end of January and early March.

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