Close oystercatchers, summer insects

The last couple of weeks have been very busy with other priorities such as footpath strimming, ragwort pulling, gate repairs and pony checks not leaving much time to post on the blog. However I have managed to take a few photos while I’ve been out and about. The oystercatcher pair with 2 chicks in front of Tern hide continue to do well showing very close to the hide at times. This morning they were less than 10 feet away for a while. It’s really pleasing to see this birds as they came from a nest on the the small island in front of Tern hide that Adam and I put a layer of fine shingle on back in March, with the specific aim of attracting waders to nest.


Oystercatchers, Blashford lakes

Oystercatcher with chick at Tern Hide

Oystercatchers, Blashford.

Oystercatcher with chick at Tern Hide

Butterflies are out in force with ringlet, marbled white, gatekeepers, small skippers and silver washed fritillary being seen in over the last week. As expected for this time of year a great many other insects are being seen too, including brown hawker and black-tailed skimmer dragonflies, red eyed damselflies (on Ellingham Pound) and many kinds of hoverfly.


Ringlet butterfly


Marbled white nectaring on bramble flowers


Sphaerophoria scripta, a hoverfly

brown hawker

Brown Hawker – Bob Taylor

Thanks to Mark Wright for sending us these photos of a second summer common tern that has been hanging around for a week or so now. Normally common terns of this age spend the summer on the coast of west Africa heading north to breed in Europe when they are 3-4 years old, so it’s unusual to see a bird of this age here now. It has been seen intently watching adult terns feeding young on Ellingham Pound and Ivy Lake, so I assume it’s learning what to do to raise chicks when it returns from Africa again next year.

Second summer common tern 2

Second summer common tern, Ibsley Water – Mark Wright

Second summer common tern

Second summer common tern, Ibsley Water – Mark Wright

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