A Few Pictures

Not much to report today, but I will share a few pictures that I got during the day. First, at lunchtime I tried, largely without success to get a picture of the ants that are farming aphids on docks by the pond, this was my best of many, many attempts.

ant and aphids

ant and aphids

I was on the edge of the lichen heath for a short time and was impressed by the quantity of hairy bird’s foot trefoil there this year.

hairy bird's foot trefoil

hairy bird’s foot trefoil

Finally as I locked up the hides I found a grey-haired mining bee nectaring on hemlock water dropwort, usually a plant covered in insects but today mostly attracting bees.

grey-haired mining bee

grey-haired mining bee

I also spotted a very fine stand of foxglove and had to try a picture of them as well.



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