Ivy South Hide morning sightings

Ivy South Hide definitely delivered the goods when I opened up this morning. I could hear a reed warbler singing just left of the hide as I unlocked the door but the first thing I saw from inside the hide was a large grass snake basking on a log less than a metre from the hide window.


Grass snake in front of Ivy South Hide

Left of the hide of I saw the reed warbler, it wouldn’t stay still for a photograph but while trying to get a picture I noticed a four-banded longhorn beetle on a reed.


Four banned longhorn beetle

A little way out into the lake two coots have begun nesting on the life ring rafts that Adam, volunteer Zoe and I put out back in March.


Coot nest 1


Coot nest 2

As if this wasn’t enough the vegetation below the hide is also looking brilliant with red campion, hemlock-water dropwort and yellow flag all adding colour. Adam and I cut back gorse and bramble the last two autumns and this seems to be benefiting the wild flowers here.


Red campion, hemlock water dropwort and yellow flag iris below Ivy South Hide


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