This rather fine greenshank was parading about infront of the Tern Hide for a large proportion of the day much to the delight of our visitors. Thanks to Russ Tofts for sending in this photograph to us.

Greenshank by Russ Tofts

Greenshank by Russ Tofts

This individual has come to us from West Africa and is just stopping off for a break during its long journey. It will soon be heading north to its breeding grounds in Scandinavia or possibly to the highlands of Scotland where a few hundred pairs also breed. Greenshank are known to be very precise in the route of their migration and so it is likely that we may be seeing the same individuals passing through each year. Greenshank are quite long lived birds, the record holder is a Dutch ringed bird at 24 years and 5 months.

Today there was also a noticeable influx of hirundines on the nature reserve with 100 sand martins over Ibsley Water and a large number of house martins, swallows and swifts feeding in the sky above the Education Centre at lunch time.


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