Brambling today…

… sadly no picture of it, but at least one (very handsome) brambling was seen on and off from Woodland Hide throughout the day today. Although spring is usually the best time to see one it seems quite late in the season to me, particularly as they have been so elusive all winter?

Other wise not a lot of note to report – the light trap had a reasonable number of moths for the time of the year, but nothing out of the ordinary and, sadly, it appears that at least one bird has found the trap already, which is worryingly early. I suspect the robins that are nesting very nearby in the eaves of the centre are to blame – and the fact that the only moths taken seem to have been from the surface layers of the egg boxes in the trap lends weight to this (a tit or wren would almost certainly have ducked in and out beneath the egg cartons). The haul totalled 25 individuals consisting of:

1 x Engrailed

6 x Clouded drab

5 x Small quaker

3 x Common quaker

5 x Hebrew character

1 x Oak beauty (remains of…)

An engrailed moth

An engrailed moth

Fortunately this otherwise fairly unappealing blog entry can be revitalised with some lovely pictures from Niall Ferguson, including this particularly stunning pair of great crested grebes. Pictures all taken last month. Thanks Niall!

Great crested grebes by Niall Ferguson Great_crested_ grebes by Niall Ferguson Goldfinch by Niall Ferguson Long tailed duck by Niall Ferguson

2 thoughts on “Brambling today…

  1. Hi Jim and Blashford Lakes team, I managed to snap a picture of the Brambling yesterday at the reserve… I can’t see how to post it up here though? Can I email it to you to post on the blog? Pete

    • Hi Pete,

      It’s not possible to e-mail or post onto the blog direct, but we do love to receive images and noteworthy sightings to the reserve e-mail –

      If sending photographs be sure to say if you are happy for the Trust to use them and if so how – just on the blog or wider Trust publicity including the magasine, website, annual reports etc. etc. The photographer will always be credited (unless they do not wish to be in which case be sure to let us know this too!). Best wishes, Jim

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