A Blashford Lakes gallery

Thank you to every one who has e-mailed (BlashfordLakes@hiwwt.org.uk)  their photo highlights from visits to Blashford Lakes over the last week or so – as always we have enjoyed seeing some lovely pictures of our wildlife and I share these with you now. We have some talented visitors and it’s always good to see their work – if you take any pictures that you are particularly pleased with and would like to share with us, do send them in, but please remember to let us know whether you give the Wildlife Trust permission to use them generally to promote our work (on the website, in the magazine, to accompany press articles etc.) just on the blog – or not at all!

From Paul Winter:

Ivy_Lake_GreyHeron by Paul D Winter Ivy_Lake_LBBGull by Paul D Winter Ivy_Lake_Great_Crested_Grebe by Paul D Winter Ibsley_Water_TuftedDuck by Paul D Winter Ibsley_Water_Redshank by Paul D Winter Ibsley_Water_Lapwing by Paul D Winter Ibsley_Water_Gadwall by Paul D Winter Ibsley_Water_Black-necked_Grebe by Paul D Winter Ibsley_Water_Black-headed_Gull by Paul D Winter

From Malcolm Menzie – this little grebe, nicely illustrating just how windy it has been at times over the last few days! (Remarkably no tree’s or major branches came down on the reserve this week, possibly in part due to the fact that the tree’s are not yet in leaf, in part due to the ground being relatively firm after a dry winter, in part due to the fact that we lost so much in the storms the winter before last and no doubt significantly because of Ed and Adam’s vigilance on the dodgy tree front!):

Little grebe by Malcolm Menzie

Birds are actively locating sites and building nests across the reserve now and along with the chaffinch and long tailed tit below, sent in by Stephen Lister, you can see another long tailed tit with a big beakful of spiders web that will have been incorporated into it’s ingenious and cunningly disguised web/lichen nest-ball somewhere on the reserve:

Long tailed tit with nesting material by Stephen Lister Long tailed tit by Stephen Lister Chaffinch by Stephen Lister

And, sticking with the nesting theme, Brian Cartwright photographed this robin from the Woodland Hide with what looks like badger hair, no doubt scavenged from the old discarded bedding outside the adjacent sett:

Robin by Brian Cartwright

Doesn’t look like being a glorious Easter weekend, but hope that everyone’s easter plans are unaffected! If you’re looking for something to do with the children we have an Easter Nature Trail tomorrow (Good Friday) – a fun and informative self-guided nature trail and “scavenger hunt” around a small part of the nature reserve which should take about an hour to complete in return for a small chocolate reward! No need to book, just meet at the education centre for your initial instructions anytime between 11am and 3pm.

Happy Easter!


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