Mud glorious mud.

For sometime now the footpath that runs from north to south between the Dockens water and Ellingham Lake has been deteriorating, getting progressively more muddy and churned up over the winter, so today we decided to take action. Fourteen of us started the unenviable job of scraping the off the mud with shovels back to the gravel surface… Everyone got stuck in and we’ve made a massive improvement. The task was really popular with the volunteers, many commenting on how much they loved it, that they couldn’t wait to do it again and how good it was for their backs.


Mud scrapping fun


Everyone got stuck in

The moth trap had quite a bit of interest today, with several common quaker, march moth, dotted border and clouded drab making up the bulk of the catch. The highlights were a yellow horned (which wasn’t yellow and didn’t have horns), 2 great diving beetles and smartest of all an oak beauty.


Yellow horned. Note the lack of horns and yellow


great diving beetle


Oak beauty

Else where on the reserve the long-tailed duck has turned up on both Ivy lake and Ibsley Water, four black-necked grebes were present on Ibsley Water on Tuesday and up to 10 reed buntings have been seen feeding at the woodland hide.

4 thoughts on “Mud glorious mud.

    • Hi Niall,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your enquiry – thought we had already but just realised that perhaps we had not. Any noteworthy wildlife sightings or photo’s that you wish to share should be e-mailed to If sharing images please clearly state whether or not you give permission for the Trust to use them generally to promote our work, or whether permission is specific to this blog – we will of course always credit any photographer when a photo is used! Thanks, Jim

  1. I would like to say a big “Thank you! to ALL the volunteers for giving their time on the Reserve . As a frequent visitor with my husband, we always love our visits to the reserve. and notice that paths are kept safe for us to walk on, the ongoing work in different places, and keeping the hides clean.
    We look forward to your up-to-date information posts and photographs to spur us on for the next visit. A big “Thank you “also for all the work that goes on by all concerned in the running of the Reserve.

    Just one little thing. As I have to drive in as close to the Centre as possible because of my husbands needs, Please , could the pot-holes be filled up.?? It takes skillful and careful driving to avoid them. . Many thanks..

  2. Hi April, many thanks for your comments. Yes we will be filling the potholes up in the not too distant future. We have already done so twice this winter and normally do 3-4 times a year. It is an unfortunately an ongoing task (and an expensive one) due to the large numbers of vehicles using the reserve, this is why we ask people to park in the Tern Hide car park and walk to the centre when possible. We hope one day to tarmac the track but cannot afford to do so at present.

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