Spring clean

As usual a massive thank you goes out to the Thursday volunteer gang, they spent yesterday litter picking the reserve boundaries along Ellingham Drove, the reserve car parks and the Dockens Water. It was a really good time to give the area a spring clean as the woodland is at it’s barest, litter is easier to see and there aren’t yet many spring flowers up to be trampled. A fair haul of rubbish was gathered mainly food wrappers, bottles and cans chucked out the windows of passing cars, but more unusual finds included a large (empty) beer keg, a tent in the Dockens Water, piglet from Winnie the Pooh and a bra(!). Thanks also goes to the reserve teams at Testwood Lakes and Beechcroft for the loan of 15 litter pickers.


Authentic volunteer litter picking photo


Haul of litter collected by the volunteers

Other tasks completed this week were some final works on the Sand Martin wall at Goosander Hide and dispatching a few remaining rhododendrons.

We originally filled the pipes on the martin wall back in November but some high wave action had washed the sand out of the lower pipes over the winter, so Adam and I spent a couple of hours refilling them. Hopefully it won’t be more than a couple of weeks until the first martins turn up.


Adam packing sand into the martin wall

A few years back a large rhododendron thicket was removed from some of the woodland just north of Ellingham lake and the area is looking really good with hazel and wild daffodils re-establishing themselves. However I notice that some the rhododendron had started to come back so Adam, volunteer Ben and cut it back and treated the stumps with herbicide, so hopefull that’ll be the end of it, although it is possible for the seed to persist in the soil and the odd plant may yet turn up from time to time.


rhododendron getting a hair cut

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