Adders, egrets & putting gravel back in…

A few adders have been tempted out by the sunshine over the last couple of days. Both males and females were basking by the paths to lapwing hide yesterday afternoon.


Female adder

The browner one in the photo below is the female and the grey on the right is the male. Unfortunately the female has a dead grass covering her eye, it would of been a half decent photo otherwise


Female (left) and male adders

The group of 15 little egrets remain around Ibsley Water although the number seem to be fluctuating with 18 reported yesterday morning. I can’t make my mind up how many are in the picture below, I think there is a couple hiding behind the rushes growing on the lake shore.


Little egret gathering, Ibsley Water

This morning Adam and popped out on to Ibsley Water to make some improvements on the small island just north of the Tern hide. We weeded the island of docks and thistles then shifted 4 loads of shingle out onto to it, we think just over a tons worth in weight. It did dawn us that half way through that putting gravel back into a gravel pit is a very strange thing to do… but our hope is that it will be more attractive to terns and waders possibly evening tempting them to nest on it.


Pulling a dingy full of shingle out to the island


raking and removing weeds


The newly shingle covered island.

Else where on the reserve a bittern was reported from Ivy North hide today, and the long-tailed duck was seen from Ivy south hide in the afternoon.


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