A quick who’s who of Blashford Lakes

Not the staff, but rather commonly encountered birds/wildlife – at least that is what the Blashford Lakes e-mail “in box” has looked like during the week! Thanks to David Cuddon, David Stanley Ward and Steve Michelle for sharing their pictures (“hover” your mouse over each image for a species description and the photographers name):

Robin by David Stanley-Ward Reed-Bunting by David Cuddon Lesser redpoll by David Stanley-Ward Kingfisher by Steve Michelle Heron a by Steve Michelle Great-crested-grebe by David Cuddon Great tit by David Stanley-Ward Goldfinch by David Stanley-Ward Frog by Steve Michelle Coal tit by David Stanley-Ward Blue tit by David Stanley-Ward Siskin by David Cuddon

Lot’s of common wildlife, but let us not take them for-granted, and they do make for a lovely gallery!

For my own submission this week I have one of the early flowering wild daffodils, photographed on the approach to the Woodland Hide:

150217 Blashford1 by Jim Day_resize

Other wildlife news this week includes plenty of otter activity along the Dockens Water (tracks in various sand patches along the banks), displaying lapwing over Ibsley Water, birds gathering nesting material (especially robins and tits), mating great crested grebes (I think they must be an old couple as they seemingly dispensed with the elaborate courtship display!) and reports today of a (the?) long-tailed duck on Ivy Lake.

Advanced warning that on Thursday next week contractors working for Wessex Water plan to remove the trial fish exclusion barrier from the south west corner of Ivy Lake – hopefully this will not impact on bird watching, but rather improve it as the wildfowl are likely to be pushed up nearer to the hides and make for better viewing.


4 thoughts on “A quick who’s who of Blashford Lakes

    • Sorry! Did/does for me, not technologically adept enough to suggest why it should/shouldn’t for you, but you are right, they are good photo’s (except for the daffodil of course 😉). Jim

  1. Mark, I thought the hovering wasn’t working for me either, then I realised the details were showing just off the bottom left of the page, as part of the extended email address.

    I must say I do enjoy this blog, a great mix of sightings and general info.

    • Thanks Mark – both for your positive comments with regards the blog, but also for your technological expertise! Hope that helps Mark? All the best, Jim

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