The first day of spring?

The best wildlife sighting today has to be the report of a lesser spotted woodpecker high in an oak by the Dockens Water, unfortunately I didn’t see it but I did pay a brief visit to the woodland hide this afternoon as there had been a few reports of reed buntings recently. I was not disappointed as there was a handful feeding on millet we have been putting out in front of the hide. The most I saw at once was four but I think there are more present looking at the varying amounts of black on the males heads. They were not easy to photograph as they were very alert and flighty, even being spooked by blackbirds.


Reed bunting, woodland hide


Male reed bunting woodland hide

Finch numbers as at the hide remain very low, with just a few siskin and the occasional redpoll being reported. Near the hide I had a very brief sighting of a comma butterfly, my first non-hibernating butterfly sighting of the year, the first wild daffodil was also trying to flower, this and the warmer temperature made it feel like the first day of spring.


wild daffodil trying to flower

This song thrush was very obliging feeding by the path just a couple of metres away.


Song thrush

Over on Ibsley Water a few waders put in appearance with 22 lapwing, an oystercatcher (the first of the year) and 13 black-tailed godwits. It was also great to see a group of 32 goosander roosting on the long spit in front of the Tern hide.


Roosting goosanders


Oystercatcher, roosting godwits and goosanders

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