Yesterdays visitor sightings…

…and better pictures than mine!

Thanks to Andy for his e-mail and photo’s:

Red kite by Andy

Red kite by Andy

“We had just stepped out of the Woodland Hide, and the red kite was gliding just over the tree tops at about 13:30 today (yesterday).  A lesson to keep eyes peeled all around.

We also noticed a lot of wrens on show not being too shy at all.

This one below (and another) kept us amused for a few minutes prior to entering the Woodland Hide.

wren by Andy

We also noted:

firecrest in Tern Hide car park entrance

gold crest just before Woodland Hide

black necked grebe (great in the new bins!)

We missed the bullfinches beside Ivy South.

Thanks for hosting the bino man, we bought a couple of 10x42s and the difference over our 10x25s is like poor SD VS sharp blu-ray. It really does help to try out a few.”

Andy is referring to the “In Focus” event yesterday. Keith from In Focus “rents” space in Tern Hide once a month to demonstrate and sell  a great range of binoculars and telescopes. A small income for the reserve and, we believe, a valuable service to our visitors. It really does help a lot when spending out on new optics to be able to try them out in the field and not just in a shop or looking out the door along the high street. In Focus hold monthly events at Blashford, normally on the first Tuesday of each month but as this can change it is always worth checking for any changes on their web site if planning a special trip:

Also note worthy yesterday was Ed and Bob’s count of 1600 wigeon on Ibsley Water.

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