January adder

I spent the majority of today catching up on office work and writing a report. However I did venture out to a hide to have my lunch and look for some wildlife. On the way I amazed to see a male adder, this is the first time I have seen one in January! It was very sluggish but none the less active, I am not sure what it is doing out today maybe it things spring is in bloom or it’s trying to get a victory over the sun. Males to tend to emerge earlier than females to bask, as this helps stimulate sperm production, they don’t actually feed until after they’ve mated in April so this chap is going to be starving!


Male adder

I also saw 12 snipe that were flushed by a low flying buzzard from the shore of Ibsley Water, the long staying long-tailed duck and a black-necked grebe.

A big thank you goes out to Steve Basset for allowing us to share this picture of the long-tailed duck. It is the best I have seen of it so far, it clearly shows the pink marking on the bill indicating it is a young male.

Long-tailed Duck, 1st winter male, Ibsley Water, Steve Bassett 082 W

Long-tailed duck, Steve Bassett.


One thought on “January adder

  1. We saw an adder a couple of weeks ago just off the path on the right on the way to Goosander Hide but I didn’t have my phone to take a picture!

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