Dear, Deer, Deer

Came in early today to open up at Blashford, On arrival I saw 13 Fallow Deer crossing the road heading to the northern side of the reserve, another 3 Roe Deer as I opened up the Tern hide, 2 Roe Deer in the education car park as I opened up the centre and 2 more Roe Deer on the lichen heath ( which could have been the 2 I saw in the education car park ) as I cycled around to open up the rest of the hides. Deer are just one of the species of mammal we have here at Blashford, we have a great selection of mammal species which quite often get over looked by the impressive selection of birds species we have here. Mammal species to look out for at Blashford are, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Grey squirrels, Foxes,  Badgers, Bank vole, Field vole, Shrews (water, common, pigmy), Wood mice, Yellow necked mice, Harvest mice, Brown rat, Mole, Rabbits, Mink, Otter and several species of Bats. As you can see there are quite a few species of mammal to look out for ( I expect I have forgotten to mention others that are here at Blashford) . Most can be seen quite frequently about, most of the voles, mice, shrews, rats and squirrels can be seen from the woodland hide, Harvest mice have been seen from Ivy south hide, there are several organised evening walks looking for bats along Dockens water and in the more open areas of Blashford where they hunt,  the Deer can quite often be seen crossing the footpaths in the reedbeds and scrub on the northern side of the reserve, rabbits are out on the lichen heath, the only one’s that are a little elusive are the Badgers and Otters, but Badgers have been seen from the woodland hide in the past, and Otters seen from all hides (except woodland) and along Dockens water. So next time you visit, keep your eyes open for the great selection of mammals here at Blashford.

Back to the birds, the first sighting of Bittern was seen yesterday from Ivy south hide, I am sure it wont be long before we will be getting excellent views of these birds from Ivy north hide,  also the first reports of Golden eye on Ibsley water yesterday. Visitors are still getting excellent views of kingfishers from both Ivy North and South hide, and Water rails are starting to be seen quite frequently from Ivy north hide.

It was a good night for moths in the light trap, highlight were, Merveille du jour, Feathered Thorn, Green brindled Crescent, Red Green Carpet, and a new one for me, a Streak which I had to wait for Bob to come in and ID for me.

As always I would like to thank our regular Thursday volunteer gang which today cleared and burned some more willow from the reedbed on the northern side of the reserve.

Until next time…..


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