The highly photographic royalty of Blashford Lakes

The dry summer ensured that Blashford’s kingfishers have had a great breeding year and this has resulted in a bumper year for kingfisher sightings and photographs by our visitors – we have already published some that have been shared with us but we recently received some more fantastic images from Chris Atkinson and Mark Wright; pictured below:

Kingfisher by Chris Atkinson

Kingfisher by Chris Atkinson

Kingfisher by Mark Wright

Kingfisher by Mark Wright

 Not much to report on from today – the sun is brilliant now, but sadly whenever I got out and about it chucked it down with rain! The wet weather should bring on some more fungi though, so it is not all bad news…

Regular John “6×4” showed me some earth star fungus today. Not far from the centre, as far as I am aware these unusual and attractive (and inedible in case anyone is wondering…) relatives of the puff ball have not been recorded at Blashford Lakes before so were a nice find – thanks John! A photograph will have to follow as sadly the camera went AWOL at the end of this weeks (VERY wet) Forest School session at the Copythorne Common Nature Reserve. I’m hoping to be re-united with it when I meet up with my fellow Forest School Leaders next week and will therefore post an image then, as long as the fungus is still there of course!

Thanks to Ian for sending in the following image taken a few days ago!

Earthstar by I Hutchinson

Earthstar by I Hutchinson


2 thoughts on “The highly photographic royalty of Blashford Lakes

  1. Hi Jim, John 6×4 called me this evening and was telling me all about your visit to the earthstars. We were both sorry to hear about your camera, and he was wondering if you would like a couple of phots of the fungi. These were taken a few weeks ago, but hopefully will do.

    Best Regards,

    Bryn Jones


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