Arctic terns on Ibsley Water

With the recent wet and windy weather I had hoped that it would bring some migrant birds to the reserve, I am always keen for something unusual on Ibsley Water in the mornings. But when I looked out of Tern Hide in the morning I disappointed as there was very little out there. However during the day three juvenile Arctic terns and Two black-necked grebes turned up on Ibsley Water. This morning there was still one Arctic tern, one grebe and a male ruddy duck. Also reported today but not seen by me was an osprey at 10.50am and four common sandpipers. I did not manage to photograph any of the terns or grebes they were too distant, all I have to offer are these shots of some teal and shovelers sleeping in the rain, and a grey heron at Lapwing hide.


Teal (left) and shovelers


Teal, shovelers and black-headed gulls


Grey heron

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us continue with willow clearance at Ivy North Hide, the task is now finished and looks brilliant. Below are a couple of before and after photos.





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