Human chain

Volunteer Thursday today and we headed over to Ivy North Hide with the plan of removing some willow trees to the left of the hide. The trees were obscuring the view and I’ve been wanting to remove them for sometime, the difficulty was that they are growing on a island and we couldn’t leave the cut material out there. So we came up with the plan of getting the volunteers to work in a human chain and pass the cut branches past the hide to be stack out the way.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The view before (Photo by Geoff Knott)


Volunteers passing branches

Thanks to Adam and Russell for wading into the water to move branches off the island.


Adam and Russel shifting branches through the water

We’ve almost finished the task, and I’m really pleased with the results, it will allow more reed bed to establish and make viewing birds like bitterns much easier from the hide. It shows the brilliance of the reserve volunteer team too, as it would taken weeks for Adam and I to shift all the branches off the island ourselves, so thanks everyone.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Nearly  finished (photo by Geoff Knott)

On the wildlife side of things, birds seen today have included the great white egret, black necked grebe, a hobby and a Dartford warbler. The Dartford warbler is a really good record, a first for the reserve despite being so close to the New forest populations, it was seen in gorse bushes near the lichen heath.


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