The big trim.

Last Wednesday, we were joined by a team of volunteers from the Lower Test Marshes for the major task of strimming the whole eastern shore of Ibsley Water between Goosander Hide and Lapwing Hide. This area hasn’t be cut for at least five years and had grown in heavily with brambles and rushes. The plan was to push the bramble back and make it a suitable as a feeding and roosting area for wintering wildfowl and waders.

Today we returned with a group of 9 volunteers from the Environment Agency to rake up all the vegetation we cut the previous week. It was a pretty large area but we managed to get the whole job done. Highlights were seeing a male adder, 3 common toads, 5 snipe, around 150 lapwing and a kestrel on the shoreline.


Volunteers raking up


Getting there


Eastern shoreline of Ibsley Water looking towards Lapwing hide


Wasp spider on one of the sacks we were using to shift vegetation in


Female kestrel

We left a good few patches of bramble slightly further away from the lake shoreline as cover for adders, insects and song birds.


Huge bramble patch

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped, I’m really looking forward to seeing what species of birds and how many use this area in the winter.

Else where on the reserve kingfishers continue to be seen daily from Ivy North Hide and 31 wigeon were counted on Ivy lake.


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