Early morning surprise

The light trap this morning revealed not one, but two hornets. They have been a fairly frequent visitor to the trap recently, attracted to the light when they’re hunting for food at night, but sadly they do not always survive the experience. That said, the two trapped last night enjoyed a tasty meal instead, judging by the number of wings left in the bottom of the trap.

The first hornet I was expecting, as I had spotted him wandering around one of the egg cartons whilst removing the bulb, but the second, who was more hidden, was rather a surprise. Luckily they emerge from the trap in a somewhat docile state and can be released with little trouble.


One of two hornets attracted to our light trap

Dragonflies were in abundance on the way to Lapwing hide, possibly enjoying the warmer weather. I spotted this pair of Migrant hawker dragonflies (I think!) in the wheel position. They flew together like this for a while, occasionally being chased by another Migrant hawker, before settling obligingly for a photo.

Hawker dragonflies

Migrant hawker dragonflies

On opening the door to Lapwing hide the ponies conveniently all walked past, one behind the other, so after a brief pause watching the Common terns diving into Ibsley Water I headed back to the office, spotting the Brimstone butterfly below on the way. Many believe the name butterfly, or ‘butter-coloured fly’, originates from the yellow colouring of the Brimstone’s wings, and it is often the first species to be spotted in the Spring.


Brimstone, the original butterfly?



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