Playing with the elements…

Entitled Earth, wind, fire and water, today Tracy and I enjoyed the last of this summers Wild Days Out activity days. Wildlife did not feature quite so highly as it often does, but this toad caused quite a stir when discovered in the “clay pit” and it’s somewhat bemused world weary expression is quite forgivable given the antics that the children got up to today!

Common toad

Common toad

We started off today with some recycled (newspaper, carrier bag and willow withy) kite making and flying. I had every confidence in them, but Tracy was pleasantly surprised by just how well they flew, even with very little wind!

140829Playingwiththe elements3 byJ Day_resize

Kite flying...

Kite flying…

This was followed by a small fire to “cook” some withies for charcoal pencils and mash up some clay, blackberries and cooled embers for some finger painting:

Painting with natural pigments (the "earth" and "fire" of our day)

Painting with natural pigments (the “earth” and “fire” of our day)

That just left us with water which, wisely as it turned out, we left for the last bit of the day – starting in the river with a bucket/barrel challenge to “rescue” the plastic duck from the bottom of the barrel.

If you think Tracy looks a little nervous in this picture it is because one of the girls just tipped a bucket of water down her neck!

Duck rescue…

The children just didn’t seem to get that they would need to block up the holes with their fingers if they were to successfully float the duck up to the top, and instead it soon deteriorated into a big water fight during which Tracy and I sadly seemed to be coming off worst at… so I called a halt to this in place of some water pistol fun instead. Unfortunately somehow the children managed to get hold of all the water pistols before any of the “grown ups” got a look in and we were soon coming off worst again:

If I thought I was wet before, I was soon to get wetter!

If I thought I was wet before, I was soon to get wetter!

We did eventually manage to wrestle one of the water pistols back under our own control however – although Tracy discovered an alternative approach to her retaliation:

Revenge is sweet!

Revenge is sweet!

To be fair she does look awfully guilty and horrified at her own actions – and I can vouch for the fact that it was well deserved!

The next Wild Days Out, entitled “Boglins and Beasties” are planned for 27th October (8-12 year olds) and 28th October (5-7 year olds). Book on (if you are brave enough!) by telephoning Sue Shawyer on 02380 285102.

(Please note: no children were harmed during the making of this Wild Day Out!)





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