The pink and the patterned

The recent drop in temperature has seen fewer moths venture out at night and into our light trap. This morning the catch was small, and the most exciting moths seen did not even make it into the trap, with a Black arches preferring to rest on the hosepipe outside the back of the centre instead. Regular visitor John 6″x4″ decided to relocate the moth to a more suitable spot for photographing, and in doing so was treated to a glimpse of its pinkish abdomen which is usually hidden when at rest.


Black arches

Black arches 3

Black arches moth

By chance, the new position of the moth revealed another, as an Angle shades moth was spotted just below the branch, blending in perfectly with the curled up edges of a leaf. Its distinctive dark v-shaped or triangular markings break up its shape, making it less moth-like, whilst its colours allow it to blend in amongst dead leaves.  A master of camouflage!


Angle shades moth





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