Elephants, urchins and snipe

Thank you to all the volunteers that came and helped weed on the Ibsley Water shoreline in front of Tern Hide this morning. With seventeen of us we made a massive difference removing vegetation from the shoreline, maintaining the open habitat for wildfowl and waders as well as improving the view from the hide. 


Weeding volunteers

Super strong volunteer Russell used his super strength to bend and snap off many bits of thick iron wire that were protruding from the lakeshore, a hangover from the gravel pit working days, this was particularly satisfying as I’ve been wanting to get rid of them for months. 

While we were out there volunteer Geoff found a large elephant hawk-moth caterpillar, after a quick photo we translocated to a near by patch of great willowherb, it’s preferred food plant. 


Elephant hawk-moth caterpillar on Geoff’s glove

Volunteer Judy went one step further and found a sea urchin fossil amongst the gravel, which has made an excellent addition to the collection of interesting artefacts in the education centre classroom. 


Sea urchin fossil

The work put in by the volunteers last week has already paid off as photographer David Stanley-Ward sent us these fantastic photos of a snipe feeding in an area weeded by them. Thanks David!

snipe 2



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