Quick update on the last 2 days

There have been a good selection of waders seen on Ibsley water from the Tern Hide over the last few days, waders seen have been Dunlin, Ruff, Common sandpiper, Green sandpiper, Black tailed Godwit, Lapwing and up to 5 Snipe. I think this signals the first signs of Autumn as most of these waders are returning from there more Northern breeding grounds.

Yesterday the Thursday volunteer group were out weeding the shores of Ibsley water in front of the Tern hide, this task serves two purposes, firstly to get better views of the wading birds on the shore line from the Tern hide and secondly clearing all the weeds/vegetation leaves the area in suitable condition for breeding waders we have at Blashford in the spring. All the weeds pulled up are thrown in to the water, this may look a bit messy, but, most of the weeds such as Dock and Willowherb are full of seeds and the wildfowl like them as a food source. Once again I must thank our great volunteer group for all their hard work.

The fine dry weather today brought a large number of visitors to Blashford today, I have had reports today from several visitors that they have been getting great views of Kingfishers from Ivy North and Ivy South Hide and really close views of Heron’s fishing in front of Tern hide.

At lunchtime I was sitting by the pond behind the education centre, the sun was out, and there were still quite a few butterfly’s about on the Buddleia and Purple loosestrife around the pond, butterfly’s seen were, Red admiral, Small tortoiseshell, Comma, Brimstone, Green veined white, Meadow brown and Large white. Also a few dragonfly’s about, Southern hawker and Brown hawker.

Today Volunteer Jackie came in to help me for a few hours, this allowed me to cut back the vegetation along the entrance track leading to the education centre and also start doing some of the footpaths. Big thank you to Jackie for all your help today.

Until next time….



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