Volunteer Thursday

Today we had our regular group of volunteers out today, as always they done an excellent job. We split up into a few groups today to do various tasks, one group came with me and we started construction of a new piece of boardwalk at the southern end of the Rockford footpath which in the winter always floods and get very muddy.  The remaining group was taken out to the eastern and northern shores of Ibsley water ragwort pulling, the ragwort pulling team was led by Tracy, the new assistant education officer here at Blashford. And if this wasnt enough work done by all, the two groups even managed to get out the remaining old interpretation board posts on the Rockford footpath and also got Lapwing and Gooseander hides swept clean. Once again a massive thank you to all our great volunteers 🙂

This afternoon Tracy came and helped me finish off the boardwalk I had started with the volunteers in the morning, the boardwalk construction is now finished, all we have left to do is to get a few loads of hogging/path gravel up there to even out the level differences from the boardwalk to the ground, hopefully this will be completed next week. Anyone using the boardwalk please be aware there is a small step of the boardwalk until we get the hogging/path gravel there, the small step off is highlighted by high viz red and white tape.

A big thanks to Tracy for her help and assistance today 🙂

On the wildlife front today, grass snake basking on log in front of Ivy south hide today, also a tern chick on the branches of the fallen tree in front of the hide, obviously had come of the tern raft and swam over to the branches to get out of the water, the parent birds have found it and are feeding it well.

Ivy north hide, Tufted duck with 10 ducklings, very small ducklings probably only a few days old, great crested grebe with 3 chicks, and a coot with 1 chick.

There are quite a few dragonflies on the wing today, emperor, brown hawker, southern hawker, and common darter

Butterfly sightings today, red admiral, comma, peacock, large white, small tortoiseshell, meadow brown, gatekeepers, ringlets and another silver washed fritillary ( 3rd one ive seen over the last week or so ).

I am sure there is a lot more wildlife out and about at the moment at Blashford to see, these above sightings are only my sightings whilst I have been out and about busily working, if anyone is visiting Blashford  it would be greatly appreciated if you would record your sightings into the log books in the hide or just pop into the centre and tell a member of staff what you have seen. All your observations are important to us, it doesn’t have to be a rare bit of wildlife to be important, taking the time to count the number’s of more common wildfowl you can see on the lakes is really important information to us.

Until next time

P.S  Sorry for no pictures, still havent quite worked out how to do this yet



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