A (very brief) update

I have had a very busy few days this half-term with activities every day – river dipping on Wednesday (lots of bullhead and minnows and, in the background, but not seen, a constant piping of kingfisher), “Wild Days Out” on Thursday and Friday (dens, clay modelling, “log books” – quite literally!-, bows and arrows, campfire popcorn and damper bread) and today we “Took the sting out of the nettle” (first “sweep netting” them to discover a surprising array of invertebrates, before harvesting some stems to make nettle string and picking some tops to make some soup, tried by everyone and enjoyed by a few! Not sure that the thought of all the bugs helped…! Unfortunately due to the very mild winter the nettles were a bit past their best really, but I think we got away with it).

Wildlife highlight of the week, for me at least, a SLOW WORM. Perhaps not the most exciting of reptiles to many, but very noteworthy at Blashford Lakes where, for what ever reason, they are remarkably scarce.

Finally, a reminder to our volunteers that there is NO work party being held tomorrow morning.


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