River Dipping Fun!

After a night of rain the river was flowing with quite a pace this morning but luckily it was not too deep and we could still see the bottom so our family river event could go ahead!

We started by making rush boats and sailing them down the river. This game didn’t last long as no sooner had we dropped the boats in the river they were gone! There is probably a small fleet of rush boats out at sea by now so keep your eyes open for them down at Christchurch!

I was sceptical about how much wildlife we would be able to catch as the current was quite strong but I need not have worried as our enthusiastic crowd were soon hauling in their catches of shrimp and fish.


IMGP3535 - resize

Overall we caught lots of freshwater shrimp, mayfly nymphs, cased caddis fly larva, a hairworm, cranefly larvae,  minnow and bullhead.

We caught a freshwater shrimp!

We caught a freshwater shrimp!


Cassed caddisfly larvae

Cased caddisfly larvae

We caught a bullhead

and a bullhead

Kevin, Brenda and Ian were in bird ringing again early yesterday morning and they had a very successful time too. Their catch included;

Reed Warbler 16

Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler

Reed Bunting 8

Garden Warbler 2

Wren 1

Robin 11 (including 9 recently fledged juveniles)

Great Tit 5

Blue Tit 2

Long-tailed Tit 9

Long tailed tits (juvenile at the back and adult at the front).

Long tailed tits (juvenile at the back and adult at the front).

Song Thrush 1

Blackbird 2

Great Spotted Woodpecker 1

Dunnock 4

Chiffchaff 2

They also had a few interesting retraps. They caught an adult female Reed Bunting originally ringed as a juvenile in 2011. Also from 2011 was an adult male Reed Warbler – so this makes it at least its 4th successive breeding season at Blashford. An adult female Garden Warbler ringed as a juvenile from last year was also re-trapped today. They had a further 4 Reed Warblers originally ringed last year along with another from 2012.



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