Black terns at last

I spent this afternoon spraying Japanese Knotweed with herbicide in a couple of locations on the reserve, but a quick look out of the Tern Hide produced some pure class in the form of 2 black terns. They looked really smart in their spring plumage, patrolling back and forth over the north and western sides of Ibsley Water. Black terns don’t tend to eat fish like most terns but instead pick up insects from the air and lake surface, unfortunately they were too distant to get any photos with the kit I’ve got, but fantastic to see none the less, I’ve been hoping to see some all month. 

Unfortunately the 2 shelduck with 7 ducklings I reported last week were harassed by Egyptian geese and 4 of the ducklings became seperated from their parents. However they’ve made it over the weekend ok and may yet survive, as ducklings unlike most birds can feed themselves as soon as they hatch. I hope they can avoid the large gulls, corvids and foxes around the lake.


Shelduck duckling

I also saw a good few banded and beautiful demoiselles, particularly on the footapth along the eastern side of Ellingham lake. The males looked very smart in the sunshine.


Male beautiful demoiselle


Male beautiful demoiselle

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