Pumice and argus

Yesterday myself and a team of  volunteers headed over to the southern side of Ivy Lake to the boat launching jetty. By the jetty we store a pile of pumice stones which we use to cover the tern rafts, as the same pumice has been used for several years on the rafts it has more than a few years worth of tern droppings amongst it. This year we decided to give it a good clean, so we set up a sieve with some A-frames and metal mesh and the volunteers poured bucket after bucket of lake water over the pumice to clean it. This was actually the third or fourth pumice washing session they’ve done, and they are probably very glad that it’s finished. As always a massive thank you to the volunteers for all their hard work.


Scrubbers, washing pumice.

While they cleaned the pumice, volunteer Russel and I went out in the boat to put some concrete weights, ropes and buoys out in the lake around the launching jetty. The reason being that people have been illegally fishing from the jetty, so the aim is that ropes across the surface between buoys will make it very difficult to reel in fishing lines with out snagging on the rope. The concrete weights are really heavy too, it’ll be extremely difficult to drag them in. Hopefully it’ll go some way to preventing fishing there anyway.


In the boat. Thanks to Philip for the photo.


Anti-fishing buoy with surface ropes


Anti-fishing buoys with surface ropes

 We’ve also spent a bit of time searching for some of the less commonly seen butterflies of the reserve lately, namely dingy skipper and green hairstreak, has they haven’t been seen for some years. We didn’t find either but I did managed to photograph a brown argus, a small species that can be quite difficult to tell from a female common blue but can be told by markings on the under wing. We will try and find dingy skipper and green hairstreak again next week if the weather holds.


Brown argus, 15/5/2014


Brown argus


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