New arrivals and white wags.

An early start this morning with the combined aim of a breeding birds survey and checking for illegal angling on the reserve. No fishermen present thankfully, but some interesting birds seen. A cuckoo and 2 reed warblers singing in the old silt pond area between Lapwing hide and Goosander hide, were new arrivals. A few singing willow warblers, displaying lapwings and a distant Raven being mobbed by a swallow were the other highlights.


Distant raven. The tiny dot in front of it is a swallow.

Also of interest was a pair of white wagtails in front of Tern Hide. White wagtails are the actually the same species as pied wagtails, but are the continental race from across the channel. Males have a very nice shade of grey on their back as opposed to the jet black of a male pied wagtail. White wags often pass through Britain as they migrate to northern Europe for the summer, with very occasional birds staying to breed or even hybridise with pied wagtails hence they cannot be classed as a separate species just a race or subspecies. 


White wagtail, in front of Tern Hide today. Photo by Bob Chapman.

Disappointment of the day was finding something or someone had smashed one of the bird feeders in front of the woodland hide. A squirrel, crow, pheasant or human are all possible candidates. In any case the squirrels were pleased as the seed had been spilled all over the ground. 


Broken bird feeder


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