Nesting platforms and perches

On Thursday last week some of our regular volunteers put together some nesting platforms using old life rings. They consisted of a life ring buoy, some coconut matting, willow branches, cable ties, a chain and lump of concrete for an anchor. 


Nesting platform

In the afternoon Adam and I took the boat out and deployed 4 nesting platforms on Ivy Lake and 1 on Ivy Silt pond. In the past coot and great crested grebes have nested on them so hopefully they will this year. We’ve had a sighting of great crested grebe on one already.


Nesting platform on Ivy Lake

In front of Ivy North Hide there used to be a dead branch stood up in the water and sunk into the lake bed, it had become know as the osprey perch as 2 or 3 twices ospreys had been seen on it. Unfortunately a storm back in November did away with it, so while we were out in the boat we took the opportunity to replace it. We used a specially chosen oak branch and stood it in place of the original. Hopefully it’ll last a lot longer as the original was willow, which is far softer than oak. Please let us know if you see anything perching on it.


New osprey perch viewed from Ivy North Hide

Yesterday was an excellent day for birds with 2 black-necked grebes, 2 dunlin, ruff, redshank, little ringed plover, 2 little gulls and a marsh harrier all reported from the Tern hide. Today around 400 black-tailed godwits and a white wagtail were on Ibsley Water, an osprey was seen passing high over the reserve and the first willow warbler of the year was singing near Ivy North hide. 

2 thoughts on “Nesting platforms and perches

  1. Hi,

    I was closing up the water ski club yesterday (31st) and two VERY noisy med gulls were flying overhead by the gate. I noticed no mention of med gull recently so I thought you’d like to know.

    • Thanks for the record Matt – it’s always good to know what visitors are seeing (and in this case, hearing!).I’m reasonably confidenmt Ed was aware of these, but we’d rather know something twice than not at all!

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