Waders and martins starting to trickle in.

The first sand martin was reported on Ibsley Water on the 13th, and 4 more were reported today. I failed to see any but I did see a little ringed plover from the Tern Hide while I had my lunch today, albeit very briefly as it disappeared from view behind the long gravel peninsular after landing for about one second then getting spooked by a juvenile herring gull. There was also a redshank and 4 oystercatchers, I hope they stay to breed. Disappointingly Egyptian geese are increasing in number with 15 present today too, with a pair showing way too much interest in our osprey nesting platform, hopefully they won’t take up residence. A drake garganey was on Ivy lake on Monday but hasn’t been reported since, it could still be tucked in there somewhere, it’s surprising how many teal can hide away amongst the wooded margins of this lake.

Adders are showing well along the footpaths to Goosander and Lapwing hide, they’ll fairly easy to find by walking slowly, my highest count so far is 9.




2 Adders, shame the twigs were in the way

The 5 butterflies that hibernate as adults, brimstone, peacock, comma, red admiral and small tortoiseshell are all also being seen regularly, so good numbers seem to have come through the winter despite the wet.


Small tortoiseshell

As well as early spring migrant birds and butterflies, we are also getting less welcome visitors in the form of illegal fishermen, this chap was walking around the eastern shore of Ibsley Water on Monday at 4.45pm but disappeared by the time got there.



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