Redpolls in the hand.

This morning I joined bird ringer Kevin Sayer, to try and catch and ring some finches. We were pretty successful and caught 30 or so birds, mainly lesser redpolls, with several goldfinches and siskins.


Lesser redpoll

Bird of the day was a mealy redpoll, really great to see it up close and compare it with the lesser redpolls.


Mealy redpoll


Mealy redpoll left, lesser redpoll right

When I went to open the hides, there were 2 bitterns sat high in the reeds on Ivy silt pond.


Bittern in the reeds, honest!

Unfortunately my camera would only focus on the reeds in front of the bittern. The other bird was right of this one, sat further back amongst the reeds.


Close up of the bittern

2 Kingfishers have been frequenting the dipping pond behind the education centre again, they seem mostly to be feeding on water beetles.



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