Another quick update…

Sorry, I know lots of people look forward to reading the blog, but as I explained today Ed is a computer down at the moment and we’ve been busy – hopefully Steve will manage to post a more interesting blog tomorrow while the rest of the team attend the HIWWT bi-monthly staff meeting…

BUT in the meantime I will just let you know that the main car park was open as normal today, though still with a reasonable amount of water in it so with the wind howling outside as I type and heavy wind and rain forecast it may not be open in the morning!

It is hard to believe that there are any more tree’s/branches that are likely to come down after recent months, but you never know. Do take care if you visit the reserve tomorrow, hopefully it won’t be a problem, but do please respect any path closures that are deemed  necessary and equally if you find anything that requires attention, please let Steve know!

Goosander Hide is STILL closed (sorry!), but if you are planning a visit you may want to look out for the redhead smew that was see on and off throughout the day on Ivy Lake again today.

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