Another otter…

…and another and another. 

No bittern reports today. Probably because they have been disturbed by the family of otters that has been cavorting in the reedbed! Have I seen them? No, of course not, but throughout the day there were three separate sightings of a female otter with two kits, the first at about 9.30am and viewed on Ivy Lake almost immediately outside Ivy South Hide and the latter two about midday and then late afternoon in the reedbed outside Ivy North Hide. Am I jealous, not half! Still, lovely to know that they are there and the first record of an otter family on the reserve – all previous reports have been of individual animals.

Mealy redpoll and black necked grebes have also both been seen today.

Visitors should note that due to the heavy rain the main “Tern Hide” car park was closed today and is likely to remain closed tomorrow and possibly all Sunday until the level of flooding drops down again. It was passable in wellies today and therefore the hide itself was open and we will continue to open the hide as long as we believe access remains safe even if the car park itself is closed. Entry will however only be possible with wellies (or very wet shoes/socks/trousers!).

Will try and post a more picturesque blog tomorrow, but thought you’d be keen to hear that I had dipped on otters again!


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