First the worst, second the best.

New year’s day was an utterly disgusting wash out weather wise but the few determined visitors that braved the conditions were rewarded with views of the regular great white egret, bittern, water rail and kingfisher from Ivy North Hide. 4 redpolls were also frequenting the bird feeders in the education centre car park on and off throughout the day.


Walter White, the regular great white egret hiding from the rain yesterday morning.

All 6 of the hides now have new log books, it would be very helpful if visitors could please write down any wildlife sightings in them. It is often difficult for reserve staff to get to the hides, so we don’t always know what species are around.


Shiney new hide log books out now!

Today saw a massive improvement in the weather and tempting the local buzzards to soar over Ibsley Water, only to be harassed by crows and a greater-black backed gull.


Buzzard over Ibsley Water


Buzzard being mobbed by a Greater black-backed gull.


Crow and buzzard (the crow is actually slightly closer than the buzzard that’s why it looks bigger).

This morning was the first Thursday volunteer gang session of the year and they did a fantastic job as always carrying out a variety of tasks including pollarding willows, inspecting the reserves many benches and constructing a dead hedge by Ellingham Drove. The idea behind the hedge is to try and prevent unwanted car parking and fly tipping by one of the reserve gateways plus it has been constructed from Sycamore a non-native tree of limited wildlife value, which we are trying to reduce in number on the reserve.


volunteers constructing the dead hedge


hammer time


volunteer Bob with the finished dead hedge. Not sure why he felt the need to stroke it…

Unfortunately the Tern Hide car park is again completely flooded, hopefully it’ll drain away soon but looking at the forecast this maybe unlikely. 


Tern hide car park


3 thoughts on “First the worst, second the best.

  1. Hi all, and Happy New Year to everyone. I wonder if anyone has handed in a fingerless, Peter Storm glove? It would have been in the tern car park, 4.30ish, Sunday 29th. Here’s hoping. Cheers, Steve.


    • Hello Steve – you’re in luck! Picked it up probably only minutes after you had gone and put it in the “lost property drawer” in the centre lobby where it awaits reunion with the other of the pair! Best wishes, Jim

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