Christmas eve frogs and epic floods.

While I was driving to work today I saw a man attempting to put back up fence panels in his garden with gaffa tape, so I had a feeling I would be in for an interesting day. One of the first surprises was a large common frog hopping around inside the education centre when I unlocked the door. Not quite sure how it got in, but I let it out after a quick photo.


Common frog

Ellingham Drove was looking more like a river than a road. Unfortunately most of the water was flowing into the Tern hide car park and has washed patches of path gravel away with it. 


Ellingham Drove under water


I was unable to unlock the Tern Hide as the carpark was flooded and well above welly boot depth. There was even a coot swimming across the car park but it flew away before I managed to take a photo.


Flooded out Tern Hide car park. Thankfully the water didn’t reach the hide.


Ivy Lake is well and truly topped up. Nearly too deep for this heron. 



Grey heron, Ivy Lake

The boardwalk and some of the footpaths are currently under water, hopefully it’ll drain away soon.


Flooded board walk.


Submerged path on the approach to the Dockens Water

A massive thank you goes to totally righteous volunteer Geoff for coming in and helping clear trees off the path, without even being asked to, cheers Geoff!



Alder tree across a path



Chainsawing up alder


Geoff clearing branches off the path



With all the rushing around clearing away trees and checking paths I saw very little wildlife but the siskins are definitely enjoying the nyger seed feeders now. 


Siskins loving nyger seeds

Tomorrow the reserve is shut (Christmas day is the only day all year it does shut), it will be open again on boxing day. If you are thinking of visiting, welly boots will definitely be a good idea, and please be aware we may not be able to open the Tern Hide car park if it is still flooded. Merry Christmas! 

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